Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dances With Wakes

A good trip out to Portland Island and back today.

Today was a great day for weather. Barely a breeze to cool us just a little. It might have been even nicer to be out on a day ten degrees cooler than thirty-something Celsius, but we weren't complaining! We just drank water and tried to sweat productively.

John took this photo last week at Mill Bay, but it works for today as well. That's me, trying to channel my inner Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model.
Don't like it? Well, the next time you're wearing a wetsuit and PFD, you can try to hold up your... never mind.
Back to today's paddle. It was also a great day for the tides and currents. We set out from Roberts Bay near Sidney with plenty of beach, but the tide was only half out so we didn't get muddy feet and boats. Past Goudge Island and Coal Island, we crossed to Pym Island and made the big leap to the Princess Margaret Marine Park on Portland Island, now part of the Gulf Islands Marine Park.
By the time we reached Portland, there was plenty of shell beach. This was my first trip to Portland, and Tracey, Louise, and John were kind enough to hang out within earshot so I'd keep an even keel during the crossing. Even the ferries co-operated and were exactly where we needed them to be at exactly the right time.

In fact, the only thing worth complaining about at all was the number of motor vessels who wanted to cross our path... or zoom along right towards us! There were a few paddles waved overhead to get the attention of the motor boat operators. The resulting wakes gave a good name for this particular kayak outing: Dances With Wakes. I find it odd how the boat motors are so LOUD, with the sound bouncing around between the islands. The blue exhaust doesn't disperse quickly, either.

Portland Island is an absolute gem of a place, wonderful to visit quickly as we did, staying long enough for a drink, snack, and pee break. It will be even more wonderful to camp here sometime soon. This part of the Gulf Islands Marine Park is easy to get to and a good place for multi-day kayaking trips, like Bernie's trips that he's written about here and here.

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