Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Personal record

Sunday was a great paddle out of Brentwood Bay. I was dropped off by Bernie in my mom's car (no roof racks) and since I thought I was going to return via bus, I took the Expedition inflatable. Hard to get on a city bus with a 15.5 foot Eliza in rotomolded plastic, but those Advanced Elements folding inflatable kayaks? Piece of cake, even if the bus is one of the few left in our area with stairs instead of a level ramp.
What followed was the longest trip I've taken so far in an inflatable kayak: just under fifteen kilometres
Speed? Don't make me laugh. These aren't speed boats, they're portable boats for rec paddling. But instead of dwelling on the fact that I was slowing the other three paddlers down to my speed (Louise in her Delta 17, John in a Delta 18 and Alison in her Kestrel 120 from Current Designs), I tried to focus on the fact that as part of a paddle group, I could go places I'd never take the Expedition by myself. Across Saanich Inlet, that is. Two crossings of over a kilometer
Awesome trip today. Bright weather, many seals and jellyfish to admire, and the neatest little crab in a crack who kept ducking down to hide when anyone else looked at him. Check out Louise and John's photos!

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