Monday, August 17, 2009

In addition to John's Caddy Bay post....

Monday August 17th found John and I having our one and only earned day off for this month and no vacation. We met up with Paula at Caddy Bay for a quick paddle as we had chores to do, but that's another story.

Here's Paula heading out after we had made our morning salutation to the Budda.

As we paddled towards Flower Island John spotted the eagle in the tree. I will never, unless I spend a lot of money, be able to zoom in to capture the eagles as John does. I've done my best...

As we paddled out to Jemmy Jones Island to poke our noses around it to take a look at the currents, John being a bit ahead saw the otters and took advantage of a photo shoot. A seal was swimming around too, but John has so many seal photos anyway. Instead I took the opportunity of trying to get the seal.

I gave up on the wildlife leaving it to John to capture. We crossed over to Cattle Point but no wildlife there, so we turned around and headed back.

While Paula and I paddled around the rocks, John kept close to them seeing more otters than we've ever seen. We even saw three or four run up the stairs of a house to the deck. As we came around I saw the otters leaving the yard and sliding into the water near the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. As we came around they swam into the breakwater, we could hear them making noises in this pile of rocks.
the pile o'rocks

Paula went around the breakwater to avoid the sailboats in Caddy Bay and I followed, only to suddenly see the otters exiting the breakwater around the corner.
I just kept clicking the camera...
and clicking...

Just an otter day on the water.

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