Sunday, August 23, 2009

11 Photos taken at Mill Bay

Paula, John and I went up island today to Mill Bay to paddle. John and I have never kayaked in this area before but we had good reviews from Paula and Bernie who paddled here last January.

We launched from a rock beach just next to the boat launch and paddled along the shore commenting on the incredibly clear water.


As we headed around the point we viewed some nice houses. I though this one had a great name.

Wits  End

As soon as we went around the point, Paula started to look down into the water, seeing crabs, which I saw too but were gone before I could get a photo,


and clear jellyfish


After spotting the clear jellyfish and seeing a lot of them, Paula spotted a school of fish

Paula looking at jellyfish

and I spotted another jellyfish, much larger than the clear ones and more colourful.

red jellyfish

It was interesting watching this jellyfish move in the water. Rolling over and under.

red jellyfish

red jellyfish

It was almost as if it was posing for me.

red jellyfish

red jellyfish

We paddled on and one it was such a beautiful day and the water was calm.

Paula & John

At the approximately 5km mark on John's GPS we turned around and headed back. By this time pleasure boats were out and it was a bit choppy. My camera neck strap broke two weekends ago and I've noticed I'm not taking as many photographs. The camera is waterproof but I just don't have easy access to it anymore, especially in choppy water when I'm trying to paddle.

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  1. Excellent job on the jhellyfish shots! You really captured that wierd grace they have...

  2. Jellyfish, dammit! Stupid fingers.....