Friday, June 12, 2009

Googling Fat Yak

So I'm poking through all the gobbledygook of Google's Webmaster Tools for this blog. And I have to tell you, the Tools' Help Pages should be called the No Help Pages. I can barely understand any of it. It's like reading an alien language. I'm half expecting Mr. Spock to say that the reason for my distress is that the universal translator is broken. I'm hoping that somehow Douglas Adams is going to make a miraculous resurrection, if only to stick a fish in my ear.
Anyway, I have managed to figure out that one of the most popular search queries that brings readers to this blog is the blog's name, Kayak Yak, in reverse: yak kayak.
And no, a yak kayak is not made from the hide of long-haired bovines found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia, the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia. Ocean Kayak makes a sit-on-top called a Yak Board, which some commercial websites refer to as a Kayak Yak Board.
But wait: there's more. A company called Yak sells kayaking helmets.
And then there's the company called Yak Dawgs who will take you kayaking fishing. But only if you're a hardcore kayak fisherman apparently, like this month's Dawg Of The Month Juan, aka Psychofisher. I am not making this up. (Actually, there are some nice video clips on the home page, so check 'em out if kayak fishing's your thing.)
This blog also comes up in the results when people search "yak yak Toronto." They are most likely searching for the Yuk Yuks Toronto comedy club. It also shows up when people search "falling bridges," "Seawards kayak death," and "kayak for buses."
It also apparently comes up when people search "Swedish feet," and "Canadian feet." Golly, I hope people don't get the wrong idea about the blog.
My favourite query? The blog shows up on page 3 of the results for "yak calling." However, I was disappointed that the number one result for "yak calling" has nothing at all to do with the aforementioned long-haired bovines from south Central Asia, but instead is a Canadian discount long-distance provider. ("Just dial 10-10-YAK!") In fact you have to go all the way to results page 11 before you find anything about real yaks.
Another popular search query is Fat Yak Kayak. Turns out that there's a company called Fat Yak Kayaks that also make sit-on-tops.
Fat Yaks. Who knew?

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  1. i think this kayak should be for begginers it is a bit slugish but when you catch a wave you WILL go FAST!!