Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kayaking Over Barriers

Thanks to two years of fund raising by the Comox Valley Wheels In Motion Quality of Life Project, disabled people on the Comox Valley will be able to try kayaking after the group purchases an accessible kayak.
The kayak features pontoons that can be raised, lowered or extended to provide the right amount of stability, and can be paddled with just one arm.
It was designed and built by Bruce Fuoco, who lost the use of his right arm after a stroke in 1996. He and his friends spent five years developing various prototypes before settling on the current version that can accommodate many different disabilities.
Jim Milina, chair of the Comox Valley Wheels in Motion Rick Hansen event told the Comox Valley Echo:
"It's about breaking down barriers. The water, to me, is a perceived barrier. Then I meet a guy like Bruce and all of a sudden the dream can be reality.
That experience is priceless, especially given the estuary. It's just so breathtaking around these parts.
I have trouble putting it into words, but that's just incredible."
The Comox Valley Wheels In Motion Quality of Life Project is holding their annual fund raiser this Friday and Saturday night at the Whistle Stop Pub.

Here's a video clip demonstrating Fuoco's design:

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