Monday, March 02, 2009


And here I sit, not having seen liquid water for months except when it has had enough salt dumped on it to form a toxic boot-melting slurry. Violating whatever commandment prohibits envy. Gazing longingly at the fishing shows on the TV screens in the gym. Sublimating my water and kayak deprivation by looking at old paddling photos and doodling in 3D ...


  1. Alison, you're alive! Frozen, but alive! Good to hear from you! How's life in my old home town? Say HI to my sister! :)

  2. Alison
    What 2 fantastically dramatic photos, particularly like the yellow kayak. Weird pattern in the sand under the water, where is it?

  3. Thank you! They're both from 3D graphics programs. The first was done in a program called Terragen, which has spent the last several years as a free beta. I spun the camera through close to 360 degrees and then stitched the panels together, which is why the shift of the shadows. If I played around with the vertical and made the colour darker and duskier, it would look a little like the Broken Islands. The second was done in Vue d'Esprit, using one of the default ripples for the water, and Blender (free 3d modeling software) to create the kayak. It's amazing how photorealistic the software is becoming, even in my hands. My parents were told it was rare to find a girl with so little artistic talent. I suspect it was because I was trying to be accurate rather than decorative, and I just didn't have the skill at the age of 10. I just had to wait for the tools.