Monday, March 09, 2009

Shaun Baker vs. Niagara Falls

Extreme kayaker Shaun Baker is possibly thinking about taking his jet-propelled kayak over one of the most famous waterfalls in the world: Niagara.
According to this story in the Niagara Falls Review, Baker thinks that his jet kayak could launch him clear of the danger zone of churning water at the bottom of the Falls. According to the article:
To take on big waterfalls, stunters need to propel themselves far enough out to clear of the “soft” churning white water. But the danger in going too far is landing in the green water downriver that can be like landing on concrete, he said.
While Baker doesn’t have any immediate plans to take on Niagara, the most famous waterfall in the world, he wouldn’t rule it out completely.
His jet kayak can reach 40 kmh on a flat lake which could be enough speed catapult him a fair distance out of the danger zone. Of course, that's what a jet-ski rider thought in 1995 when he rode over the edge, planning to open a parachute so that he would glide to safety. The parachute never opened.
Another person tried to kayak over the Canadian side of the Falls in 1990. The kayak is now in a local museum. His body was never found.
Performing stunts at the Falls is illegal.
Is Baker really serious about it? Again according to the article, his response is so cryptic that it would make any politician proud: “I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it. I’m certainly not saying I would.”

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