Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Solo: Lost At Sea

Tonight, the CBC aired the documentary Solo: Lost at Sea about Andrew McAuley's attempt to kayak across the Tasman Sea from Tasmania to New Zealand.
I would suspect that even those of us who paddle on only the flattest of waters and only in the safest conditions have felt that feeling of wanting to see behind the next island or what's in the next cove, or to point the boat at the horizon and go and discover that place where the sea sweeps up into the sky, like we could paddle forever under a golden sun with a cool breeze on our backs under cerulean skies.
I don't think I'd kayak if I didn't occasionally feel that urge pulling at me. McAuley just followed it to the nth degree.
A tragic story. And recommended watching.


  1. I missed it, how can I find it?
    I would like to buy the dvd, if that's exist...

  2. It's not out on DVD, not yet anyway. I'm guessing that the CBC will rerun it again....sometime...