Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Jet-Powered Kayak

Here's a little something for the kayaker who has everything -- jet power!
The ad reads:
"Expand your horizons... Be the envy of all your friends as you zip along at 20+ mph in your jet powered kayak. 2 models to choose from, Sit in and sit on top. 9.5 HP electric start 4 stroke motor. 80 miles on just 2 gallons of gas. Get to your destination in a hurry and then paddle. In stock Now."
This looks insane, particularly the sit-on-top! Then again, our modern lifestyle is so hectic that I suppose there must be some people out there who want to squeeze a 15 km paddle into twenty minutes. Click here to make an offer -- only $2900!
These aren't the first jet-powered kayaks to be built. As reported in Popular Science and featured on Top Gear, Shaun Baker built a jet powered kayak in 2007.
What I like most is that engadget.com reports on Baker's efforts with the headline: Man Sticks Jet Engine in Kayak, Somehow Survives.


  1. Top Gear clip:

  2. looks like fun! Would make getting to Salt Spring or Pender a breeze!

  3. is this still for sale if so can u please email me nigel911@msn.com

  4. How much does a jet boat cost

  5. Holy cow look fun. My son has wanted a Kayak for a while now. What would you say is the best kayaks for a 16 year old son? He is super excited to do something fun like this.