Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Paddle of 2009

It's finally a beautiful winter morning on the Bay. There's no wind, the tide's barely moving, and it's about 4°C. And so--

--it's time for the first paddle of the year. As you can see, we had to try out Paula's new set of wheels. They work really well over the pavement, gravel, and sand between our place and the water (well, after getting the bushings in the wheels--Ocean River's staff was terrific about replacing the missing bushings after the holidays).
Paula's pretty stoked about getting out on the water, particularly on such a perfect morning. She's been up to her ears, what with getting her folk's 50th anniversary party settled (finally been celebrated, so things can slowly return to normal), and having two manuscripts delivered late last week for copy-editing (with, of course, absurd deadlines).

So perfect conditions for a paddle make for a happy woman (and that makes for a happy husband!).

Could you ask for a nicer day? She should be gone for another half hour or so as I write this, heading out toward Cadboro Point, back toward Jemmy Jones, and then toward the beach. So I should have time to finish my coffee before walking back out to roll her boat home.
Don't you wish you lived here?

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