Monday, January 07, 2008

Yet another homemade craft

I make things.
Some of them are useful things, and put to use by me or the people who are given them. I like to believe what I'm told about these things, when people say, "Hey, that's neat! Did you make that? Cool! Can I have one?" I'm more inclined to believe these comments when I've succeeded in making good cookies.
Some of the things I make are just crafts, with less appeal than homemade Christmas tree ornaments. I've reached some peace with the knowledge that not everybody wants a tea cosy designed to fit their own teapot, or a portable reusable recyclable mini-campstove made out of a coffee can. The knitted and crocheted things I make, like booties or a happy hat, appeal to only the people who actually have a use for them. The camping and kayaking gear that I make is only of interest to people who actually go camping or paddling.
On occasion, I've been known to shower homemade things on my friends. Gotta say, they've been good about it. So far.
But now I've learned how to make a poop tube. Go to this website and you too can learn how to make one.
Must admit, I plan to make one. But no, I don't intend to make a bunch of them and give them to all my friends. I've learned my lesson.


  1. I must say, Paula, that giving these away might just be telling people "you're full of a lot of shit you need to be disposing of." Might not be the message most people are looking for...

  2. You'd think I wouldn't shy away from telling people that "you're carrying around a lot of shit." But no, while I am willing to offer helpful comments and crafts in a responsive, give-and-take forum, I draw the line at making a bunch of poop tubes and casually giving them away to unsuspecting victims... er, friends.