Thursday, January 10, 2008

This And/Or That

A few odds 'n' sods for you...
First, long-time reader Richard H. has started his own kayaking blog, Adventures on the Blue, and bought a new kayak. I've added a permanent link in our kayaking blog links on the side, but you can click here and check out Richard's new ride....
I've also created a Kayak Yak Yak Facebook group. Mostly what's there right now is just an archive of past paddling pictures, but once we get back in the paddling groove, I'll try to keep it updated with news of upcoming paddles....
I've also added an Upcoming Paddles box on the top right of this page which we'll keep updated once we're back in the paddling groove. As soon as the storms stop and the flu recedes, anyway.... :)

And finally, here's a cool video:

The dude is right -- it's a 10!


  1. I'm definitely up for paddling with you guys! Thanks, for checking out my humble little blog. I'm looking forward to filling it up over the summer :D I got you guys linked off there now. As for paddling, what time do you normally get to the beach?

    Love the cave paddling. Looks like they're going to get squished in there sometimes, must be squirrely with all the wave reflections and currents under there.

  2. The usual meeting time is 9:00 AM. It's probably only going to be a small group on Sunday as some of us (like me) are under the weather, but the more the merrier!
    Send me your email address so we can add you to our email lists.