Friday, January 11, 2008

11 January 2008

Well, one more step on the road to my century (110 days on the water in a year). Out this morning and off on an hour and a half paddle.
Departure from Caddy Bay this morning.

the route I took was very simple; I headed off towards the Chain Islands. and once I was almost there, I didn’t like the way the weather was moving, so I turned south to go back to the light. Once there, I decided to head over to Mary Todd Is. where I saw this fellow:
Damn but those eagles are big! he looked to be the better part of a metre tall!
I parked briefly on Mary Todd–mostly to grab a drink and get my gloves back on. But before that, I snapped this shot of Chatham and Discovery Is.
Then I headed across the bay and hugged the shore most of the way back. It took an hour to land at Mary Todd Is. But it took me only forty minutes to scoot back to the beach.
By then the clouds had settled back over the city and although it seemed slightly sunnier, all the clear sky was gone. But a good workout and one more day towards the century.

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