Thursday, July 27, 2006

Elk Lake II: Return of the Bernie

A beautiful evening at Elk Lake. The heat wave of the last week has broken and temperatures have returned to their normal mid-20s range, and the days have been gloriously sunny and bright, but not overly hot. Perfect paddling weather.
We return to Elk Lake for another practice session in swallow water. But the beach area is filled with swimmers so we decide on a paddle instead. Still, the water was warm, the sky was clear, and the natives were friendly. Wait -- that's not a native... that's a Bernie!

And away we go! It was Paula, Louise, Bernie and myself today.

Paula gets an early lead.

The ducks kindly shared the lake with us.

Louise tries her hand at geese wrangling. It doesn't go well.

A perfect day for just letting the current carry you wherever it may...

Every time we've been out the last few weeks, I've found a heron. Today was no exception.

Karl and Stephanie joined us. They've developed an unerring ability to arrive a few minutes after the rest of us have put in and to go the wrong way to look for us.

Stephanie takes a shortcut.

As we approached shore, Bernie decided to try a roll.
Bernie Tries  a Roll 1
He's got the tipping over part down very well.
Bernie Tries  a Roll 2
Bernie tried his roll, but no luck.
Bernie Tries  a Roll 3
He tried to scramble in...
Bernie Tries  a Roll 5
...but no luck that way either. Maybe Bernie was tired from jet lag, but he couldn't get back in his boat in any way. "I'm a dead man," he said.
However, Stephanie got into Bernie's boat.

We were treated to a rare Karlfish sighting.

Our work here is done.

My pictures are here.

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