Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday March 26--Elk Lake

Ah, Elk Lake. The most challenging paddle we ever dare to face. Or, you know, not. The morning was cold, wet, and windy. Yech. But things picked up as we got going.
Paula does like her new boat. As John and I discovered today, she is much faster with less effort than we are going all out.

The Canada Geese were fairly mellow about our presence--I think the fishermen who are on the lake all winter may have something to do with this lack of concern.
I realize that the resolution of my camera leaves a bit to be desired. This was shot between seven and ten metres away....

A Tree full of cormorants. Don't they look like they're just waiting for one of us to sink? Lake buzzards, that's what they are....
It's so rare to see John in a photo not shot by him.
He does seem happy, doesn't he?
Right up until he took this photo of himself upside down. Damn, but that water was cold.


  1. When John sells an article to a paddling magazine, this is the photo he should use for his author photo. oh yeah.

  2. I believe the expression I used was "%$#@ me, it's cold!"
    But Bernie... geez, what a wimp! We practically had to hold his hand before he went in the water!