Monday, March 06, 2006

05 March 06

Cole's Bay is a terrific spot for a quiet day of paddling. Sheltered and generally calm, the bay was clearly scoured out by glaciers during the last big freeze. The water is beautifully clear, and you can look for sea life on even a cloudy day--as this Sunday was.
We were watched both while launching and landing (look closely at the top of the dinghy).Louise took the early lead with a burst of speed that left the rest of us well behind. If you look closely, you can see her off in the distance at about two o'clock.

The paddling was easier when we were going downhill.Dennis' new inflatable handles the water very well...

...even while he plans his next raid on a seaside home . ;-) hhok!

Louise is certain she had some candy in her pocket when she left......while Paula just can't seem to photograph John's neoprene-clad butt enough!

All in all, a terrific paddle.

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