Thursday, July 09, 2015

It's A Dog's Life Being a Kayaker

Cats supposedly have nine lives, and if dogs are similarly blessed, this six year-old Lab named Rosy may have just used one of them. His two teen-aged humans had brought her down to the shores of Loch Broom in Scotland for an early evening play session. But while the boys swam in the water, Rosy, who hates the water, uncharacteristically climbed into their kayak and launched it. Without a paddle, or PFD for that matter.
When the startled boys realized that their kayak had gone missing, as well as their dog, they quickly commandeered a rowboat and rescued the family pet, but not before bemused neighbours had plastered Rosy's picture all over social media. While the dog remained calm and appeared not at all bothered by her adventure, it might have ended differently as the Loch empties into the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The family is hoping that Rosy's kayaking career is over.

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