Thursday, July 02, 2015

Cooper's Cove in a new kayak!

Today I had a chance to do two great things. One was to paddle in Cooper's Cove, which we've visited before as you can see at these posts, but I haven't been here in a boat for years. The other was to try out my new inflatable kayak!
Yes, I have a little fleet of kayak, and a number of them are inflatable. Yes, this one is a new model of one I already have. I've been using it for seven years, and oi, these puppies do get a little worn out after a while, y'know?
At any rate, I'll write a better post soon with a review comparing this model of kayak to the others I've paddled. For now, I'll say WOW, and close with a link to my SPOT message showing my location on this sunny day as the tide was coming up to full tide slack.

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