Monday, March 02, 2015

Justine Curgenven at Ocean River Sports

Earlier this evening, Louise and I saw adventure film maker Justine Curgenven speak about her latest kayaking DVD, Kayaking the Aleutians, at Ocean River Sports in Victoria.
Creator of eight paddling films, including five in the terrific This is the Sea series, Justine's latest film about her adventures paddling the Arctic archipelago of the Aleutians has won all sorts of awards since its release.
Last year, Justine joined adventure traveler Sarah Outen for part of Sarah's human-powered round-the-world journey. Outen had planned to row from Japan to Vancouver, but weather and currents were pushing her north towards Alaska, so she changed tack and decided to kayak along the Aleutians and invited Justine along for the paddle. Justine presented a slide show as she described her amazing adventure, punctuated by both clips from the film, and her famous cackle.
What a treat to hear Justine tell her story in person as she is just as engaging a storyteller without a camera as she is with one.
Her North American Tour continues through the month of March, and you can order all of Justine's DVDs here.
We'll publish a review of the DVD soon. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer:

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