Monday, March 16, 2015

Ends and Beginnings

The latest issue of Coast and Kayak magazine has wound its way to me through the mysterious vagaries of the Canadian Postal Service, along with word that this issue will be its last. Sort of.
After the recent demise of the much-missed Sea Kayaker magazine, this is the second kayaking magazine to paddle into the sunset over the last couple of years. Changes in the magazine market have once again made publishing a “kayaking only” magazine a losing financial battle.
The magazine has a long history as it spent two decades being published under the name Wavelength Magazine before changing names a few years ago. And the name is changing again, as editor John Kimantas had announced the magazine will continue publishing as Wild Coast Magazine, which will focus on many aspects of west coast recreational life, and not exclusively focus on kayaking. Essentially, this is the return of the Wild Coast name as Kimantas previously published a single issue of Wild Coast Magazine in 2008 but he discontinued that magazine when given the opportunity to take over Wavelength. The new name of Wild Coast also ties in nicely with Kimantas' excellent series of Wild Coast recreation guidebooks.
So we say goodbye to Coast and Kayak, but welcome the return of Wild Coast.

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