Sunday, June 08, 2014

World Oceans Day

Ah. A bright and beautiful June weekend. The kind of weather where about half the people in Victoria suddenly snap to wide-eyed attention and say, "...I've GOT TO go to the water!" And they do. As I was moving about at the beaches, at the lakes, at the bays, the Gorge, and looking over to the little islands, I could see there are ever so many people paddling and dabbling along the shorelines.
There are some great blog posts we've written about summer days -- check out a few of them here. The photos John took of eagles and Discovery & the Chathams are great!
Messing about in boats is a terrific way to spend World Oceans Day. And when you come indoors in the evening, to check e-mail and Kayak Yak, you can read about World Oceans Day at David Suzuki's blog.

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