Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Vancouver Island Circumnavigation Speed Record Attempt - Update

Russell Henry is continuing his charge to break the speed record for paddling around Vancouver Island. He had intended to start last Friday in Victoria on the southern part of the island, but he changed plans at the last minute to take advantage of a few days of north westerlies and after a long day of travel started at Winter Harbour near the north of the island. Right now, he's just passed Port Renfrew, which suggests that he will make it to Victoria certainly by Friday, if not tomorrow. That also means that he's setting a pace that gives him a good shot of breaking the record.
Currently, the record for fastest circumnavigation is held by Colin Angus who completed the 1,100 km trip in a rowboat in 15 days, 11 hours, and 47 minutes. The quickest circumnavigation by a kayak was by Joe O'Blenis in 16 days, 12 hours, 14 minutes.
You can follow Russell's progress on his website, or his Facebook page.

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