Saturday, March 08, 2014

Ocean River Gear Up Sale

Louise and I trundled down to Ocean River Sports for their annual spring Gear Up Sale. While much of the continent has been dealing with polar vortices this winter, this weekend The We(s)t Coast was living up to its reputation as we were dealing with a dreaded Pineapple Express. So despite the weather pouring down and Louise feeling under the weather, we headed down for a quick look-see.
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This is the 9th Ocean River Spring sale we've gone to a row, and it was probably the worst weather. This was one of the few years that they've gone to Plan B and only put the kayaks outside in the parking lot across the street from the store, and left the sale merchandise either inside the store or in the covered alcove beside it. We bumped into Paula, looking resplendent in her red rain jacket.

We had a nice chat with Ben Garrett, bumped into Mark "Gecko Paddler" Byrne, and met up with Mark Hall of Kayak Distribution.
We caught him eating his breakfast. Not that I noticed because I was too busy salivating over the yellow Boréal Design Epsilon in front of him.

We managed to escape with our savings account intact, not always an easy thing to do at Ocean River.
And we had a nice discussion with Graham Henry who, with his brother Russell, has just completed a 7,000 km kayak expedition from Brazil to Florida. (He gave no hints on where he may paddle next.)
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