Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kimantas in the news

It's always a pleasure to find the names of fellow kayakers in the local newspapers. It turns out that one of the highest-profile paddlers has been raising his profile quite a bit over the last while. John Kimantas is not only the editor of Coast & Kayak Magazine (formerly Wavelength Magazine), he's also the author of The Wild Coast series of books and editor of other terrific resources for small boat users along this coast. And his name has been found lately in the letters to the editor section of the local daily paper.

This is one of Kimantas' books -- an essential read for boating in this area!

From his offer to replace Canada's damaged warships with his fleet of kayaks to his interpretation and translation of an article on raw-log exports, Kimantas writes on issues of interest to west coast dwellers, and he does so with good humour. Letters detailing his perspective on flushables and tidal turbines show that environmentalism isn't just empty words to him, it's action.

Now his latest letter to the editor points out that the BC Ferries change in service to Bella Bella will affect the "wet launch" capability for this run. Rather than just quote from his letter, I suggest reading it in full. He does have an informed perspective!

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