Friday, January 31, 2014

Secret Coastline Author

This winter I've been taking shelter a little farther away from shore than I've been for over six years... so I indulge in a little armchair kayaking with the help of books. One of them was a terrific thick book of place names along the BC coast that I've mentioned before. Fun to learn so many bits and pieces of history and stories along with the names! So I looked up the author Andrew Scott at the library, and found several books he's written.

Prominent among them are Secret Coastline (2000) and Secret Coastline II (2005), both subtitled "Journeys and Discoveries Along BC's Shores." These are chatty discussions of places and people along the coast, with many photos and other images. If you're looking for stories of the water and animals and the people who live here, both of these books make for good reading. I like to read about places that I've been, and where I'd like to go... but it's the people who really shine here. And there are small boats all through both books! Kayaks and ferries and freighters and the old mission boats... and cover art that looks like photos taken by John for Kayak Yak.

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