Friday, January 03, 2014

Get Yer Heart Rate Up!

Great news from our paddling friend Mike Jackson -- he's the happy user of a heart rate monitor. On his latest blog post, he wrote about hooking up the monitor and taking off in his kayak with a buddy. Together they circled Discovery & Chatham islands, then sprinted back to the shore at Cadboro Bay.
I'm glad to report that Mike didn't forget about the monitor and try practising some kayak rolls. It also appears that he wasn't panicked by learning what his heart rate gets up to while he's on the water.
This is good news. There's a story making the rounds about a cardiologist who enjoyed playing hockey in an Oldtimers league. At least, he enjoyed it until the day he wondered exactly what his heart rate was while on the ice. For his next game, he hooked up a heart rate monitor and checked it after his first shift playing. Horrors! Quickly he turned off the monitor, put it away and did his best not to think of what that "pounding heart" feeling actually meant in numbers. He did also apply himself in future to some heart-healthy lifestyle changes... but he continued playing hockey.
And it sounds like Mike is continuing kayaking. He must be having fun -- his numbers are good!

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