Thursday, December 12, 2013

Virtual Kayaking

Wah! It's been two weeks since I last went kayaking. (Hello. My name is Paula, and I am a kayaker. It's been two weeks since I last went kayaking...)
All my kayaks are currently parked elsewhere from where I am sleeping. This arrangement will have to be improved. The little inflatable, at least, will have to be picked up from Marlena's place and taken out for a quick paddle around a little bay, and then stuffed into my mother's storage room in the basement of her condo building. It's no longer enough to admire my life jacket and remember.
The other kayaks will have to be visited and petted and wiped down and covered... maybe a quick roll down to the Gorge is in the near future. Meanwhile, I look out the window wistfully whenever the bus is crossing a bridge or following the shoreline.
And I get virtual kayak thrills online. Today I read Baffin Paddler's post on turtles, about the kayaking day where Peggy described watching a nest of baby snapping turtles hatch, before paddling Big Moose Lake. Turtles! Kayaks! What a day.

This photo is from the Advanced Elements website!
The other big thrill was learning that my favourite inflatable kayak makers, Advanced Elements, have a brand-new model being released in the new year. Their Packlite is an ultralight inflatable suited for backpacking and recreational paddling. It weighs in at an unbelievable 4 pounds (under 2 kilograms) and fits into its own deckbag. Want want want! Stay tuned for more info on this smallest of kayaks.

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