Sunday, December 01, 2013

A hard truth about kayaking

This enthusiastic kayaker has re-learned a hard truth about kayaking. It's a lot easier to keep up the average number of times on the water per week when one lives a short walk from the launch point!
I was able to enjoy between two and three paddle outings a week for over five years while living at the Beach House, right next to Cadboro Bay's Gyro Park. But now that the landlady is selling the house, Bernie and I have emptied out our room and kitchen supplies. Kayaks and gear alone took two trips. With most of the kayaks and gear at one friend's house, and the rest in another friend's basement, I am suffering kayak withdrawal in our temporary digs.
But I am applying what I have learned about kayak location and its relationship to kayaking frequency. The kayaks are located a short walk from one of our popular launches. This could lead to using that launch site this winter, so here's hoping. The rest of the gear includes my little inflatable, which I miss most of all. So one day soon, when we've recovered from move-itis (symptoms, sore arms, dusty clothes, and severe lassitude about making more clothes accessible) I'll go hang out with that friend and bring the little kayak here on the bus.
Meanwhile, my former neighbour Mike Jackson just completed his 1000th km of the year. And he can roll like a champion. Shall wave at him again the next time I see him at the beach, but for now, I'm zen kayaking in memory.

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