Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Right Whale Sighted!

Astonishing news! Not only has there been a group of over 1000 dolphins sighted from a BC Ferry (and reported by John here on Kayak Yak), but this weekend there have been sightings of a Right Whale reported in local media at Juan de Fuca Strait!
This whale is the second Right Whale spotted in the last four months. Dare we hope that there could be more sightings in the future?

No Right Whales have been seen near Vancouver Island since 1951... and the last one was killed by whalers. There are few of this species of whale left, with perhaps only 30 individuals living in the North Pacific Ocean. You can click on this link to read more about Right Whales.

Just a quick reminder for all small boat users who are lucky enough to see a whale: Give Whales Plenty Of Room! The Department of Fisheries and Oceans rule is to leave at least 100 metres of space between the whale and your boat, and at least 200 metres of space in the direction the whale is travelling. This rule covers all marine mammals, for their protection and yours, even in the far north where hunting is carefully regulated! If a whale appears close to you suddenly, knock on your boat and be careful to get out of the way of the whale. People are being fined for harrassing wildlife, particularly whales.

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