Friday, November 08, 2013

Paddlers and Pipelines

Even before I paddled over pipelines on my way down the Red Deer river last summer, the idea of how frequently pipelines leak fossil fuels worried me. The thought of new pipelines being built is upsetting because the existing pipelines aren't being well maintained or repaired. And as for the tankers that would carry away fossil fuels from the end of the pipeline to deliver to China -- well, we've written on Kayak Yak before about tankers.

Kayakers and other small boat users have responsibilities to make careful use of water resources, and also to ensure that these resources are protected. It's important to give our opinions to our government officials and agencies. The opportunity is coming up on November 16 for many paddlers and our friends across Canada to stand together peacefully as citizens and make our opinions known. In Victoria, we'll be gathering on Clover Point at 1:00 pm -- check here to see where the demonstrations are planned for your community!

For getting to the local demonstration on Clover Point, parking is limited, so be prepared to arrive by bike or bus (BC Transit route #3) or carpool and walk a few blocks.

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