Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ocean River Gear Grab

Louise and I headed down to the Ocean River Gear Grab, their twice-yearly parking lot sale.

As we waited in line, Brian Henry, the Big Kahuna himself, kept the crowds entertained while waiting for the rope to drop.
IMG_2000 copy

SUPs were big again this year, and the Ocean River set up a small pond for SUP demonstrations.

The idea of SUPs has crossed our minds. We could easily carry them down the hill and launch into The Gorge for a quick evening paddle. Louise quizzed a couple of employees about them.

Then she checked out the Delta Kayaks....
IMG_2008 copy

...while I checked a Tahe Marine Reval with our friend Mark Hall from Kayak Distribution.
IMG_2023 seemed like a good fit for me. I wonder if we could fit another kayak in the basement...?
Okay, maybe not.

The only thing we bought today was four cans of paint. And that can mean only one thing....Renocation 2013 begins tomorrow! (Foreshadowing: the sign of a superior blog.)

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