Sunday, September 08, 2013

Island News!

Plenty of news here on the Island!
Turns out that a kayak or boat of any kind isn't all that necessary for seeing a whale. Well, sure, we knew that. A couple of years ago, a young gray whale hung around Oak Bay all summer and could be seen from shore several times. That's the one I got close to in my little inflatable.
But Thursday, a small group of transient orcas came right up to the breakwater at Ogden Point and delighted the people walking along the breakwater. No boat needed! You can read about the viewing here, and check out their photos.
And on CBC radio yesterday, there was a report of people being rescued off Long Beach up-Island, clinging to a cooler and an un-inflated life raft after their boat sank. I haven't heard what model of boat it was, but apparently it was more suited for cruising on a lake than for saltwater. Seems like a good opportunity to remind people that boats are suited to various conditions. It makes good sense to use the right boat in the right conditions, eh?
And now, off to the beach with my kayak...

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