Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Improvised Kayak Rack

Out for a walk during the long weekend, we passed by Mike Jackson's place and saw that he'd made a kayak rack out of something unexpected:

Not a bad idea!
I've used a couple of resin lawn chairs -- right side up -- when maintaining my inflatable kayaks, but those are lighter than Mike's sea kayak. The chairs hold the  inflatable up at a reasonable height for cleaning or spraying with 303 Protectant. An inflatable can be balanced across the backs of two chairs if the backs aren't too round, or the bow and stern of the light little Lagoon will fit on the seats.
There are a lot of these resin lawn chairs around. When one gets a crack or breaks, there's no way to repair it reliably. Nice to have another way to use them, before eventually recycling them.

I do like when things can be repaired, and continue to be used... like the big concrete animals at Gyro Park. The Saanich work crew have sandblasted all three big animals, repaired the cracked concrete, and re-painted them. The Cadborosaurus is looking pretty good now!

Here's Louise looking it over. We can see this big beast from the water when we're paddling, but the giant red octopus shows up better from a distance.

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