Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vicarious Videos

Kayaking videos are a vicarious way of enjoying other people's paddle outings. Maybe they are in a place I'll never visit. Maybe they use a boat I'm unlikely to own or borrow or rent. Maybe they're nuts enough to go over a waterfall or cross an ocean or paddle among croccodiles... Lots of paddlers do things that I'm not likely to do.
But hey, I'm out in my boat a lot. Even this winter, when most of my paddling time has been spent on a bus going to or from my hospital room, I've been out on the water. And not just any dull place, either! People have saved up all year to come here to paddle for a week in the places my paddling group just casually goes on a weekend. Today it's not the ice on the puddles keeping me out of my boat, it's the need to finish my writing projects before taking the bus.
I've had fun on the water, but all the videos of me having fun have been taken by other people. John has several vids here on Kayak Yak.  There are several videos taken by Bernie here at this link -- check them out, and his other kayaking videos, and some he's taken at Idle No More and still other videos.
There's also a fun video below, uploaded by a creekboater we've never met, who was reviewing his new Karma from Jackson Kayaks. I found it a good reminder of why river kayakers wear helmets...

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