Monday, January 07, 2013

Coolest Night Paddling

Okay, so we've been on several evening paddles. And Alison has paddled after dark in Sooke Basin.
But now I know what I want for the next time we go paddling at dusk. I want my kayak to light up on the inside, like the new folding kayaks made out of coroplast (corugated plastic). Oru Kayak makes them, and I can't wait to see one at the next paddlefest...

But then I found these other guys do even cooler paddling in the dark -- they've got lights under the hulls of their stand-up paddleboards. Check them out!
Is that cool?
Now I am *so* going to find a way to install lights on the hull of my kayak. On the outside and inside. And on top on the deck. And on my hat. And maybe one on a line that I can lower into the water and watch it sink.

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