Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ocean River Gear Grab

Life can be full of tragic ironies, the latest one being that less than a week after taking part in the local Kayak For a Cure paddle a close member of Louise's family has been stricken with cancer. There are no words that fully express the feelings of moments like this. “This really sucks” can only come so close. We offer our hope, our encouragement, our thanks, and our love.
This really sucks.

So we enter a period of time where our plans can only be made day by day. And today, with Autumn mere hours old, Louise and I went to Ocean River for their Fall Gear Grab.

And they're off! I headed straight for the Icebreaker table...
...while Louise headed right for the free food.

Stand Up Paddleboarding continues to be the big thing.
This Boardworks board has a beautiful Raven inlay on it.

This kayak rack system from Malone caught our attention.
Using it, Louise was able to load the kayak all by herself.
Louise and Mike Jackson discussed the merits of various rack systems. Then they got into a staring contest.

We escaped lightly this fall, as I made our only purchase, a pair of Icebreaker briefs. Now the countdown is on to next Spring's sale!

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  1. Thanks for sharing -- not about Johns new briefs, but about Louise's family member. Solidarity.