Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Calling All Kayakers, Be On The Lookout....

The next time someone offers you a deal on a kayak, it might really be a steal.
Helen Wilson and Mark Tozar had two kayaks stolen off their car. She writes on Facebook, "‎2 Tahe Greenland kayaks stolen from the roof of our car in Surrey, B.C. One black with Tahe marine expedition on the side, the other white deck, black hull. Both carbon, Kevlar, glass blend. Both have keel strips Please spread the word in Canada and the U.S." She comments further on her blog here.
Helen and Mark can be contacted here.

Meanwhile, Seaward Kayaks also took to Facebook to report a kayak robbery at their factory in Chemanius, BC. They write, "Well, Seaward kayaks was broken into & robbed at the weekend. We have two separate fences, outer & inner, with barbed wire on them. Our compound is not easily accessed & is highly visible.
5 kayaks were stolen - all new thermoform kayaks:
Intrigue - Mango - QKN03465 I 212
Intrigue - Red - QKN03466 I 212
Halo 130 - Yellow - QKN03420 G 212
Compass 140 - Mango - QKN03461 I 212
Compass 140 - Mango - QKN03405 G 212
So, if you are offered a new thermoform Seaward Kayak, please let us know - we'd appreciated it!"
Seaward Kayaks can be contacted here.
And the RCMP might like to hear any information that you may have as well.

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