Saturday, July 07, 2012

Looking Down

This morning, I rolled my Expedition inflatable down to the beach. There weren't many people in the park before 8 am, but someone still wandered up to ask me if I knew what the planes were doing. Two big Hercules were circling over the big bay, from Discovery and Chatham Islands to the Oak Bay shore and Cadboro Bay. 
Bernie came to the shore as I was launching to say what the planes were doing. He'd heard the news, that two men had launched a canoe last night from Ten Mile Point. On their way to the Chathams, they were swamped. Neither was wearing a PFD. One was rescued -- the other man was still missing.
By this time, we could see a helicopter as well flying the search pattern, and Oak Bay Sea Rescue searching the bay in their Zodiac. I kept an eye out as I paddled, looking down into the shallows along the shoreline.
The local newspaper has written about the search for the missing man here, as does the CBC. But it's worth saying again what we've said before here at Kayak Yak:
- wear your PFD
- do safety practise in safe conditions so the first time you flip isn't during an emergency
- local knowledge makes paddling fun and less life-threatening
Accidents happen. Mistakes are things people do. Some mistakes can be avoided.

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