Monday, July 02, 2012

62 Kayakers Dumped Into The Chicago River

Emergency services scrambled yesterday in Chicago as severe storms rolled into city in the early afternoon and although severe weather warnings were issued, a number of kayaks overturned in the Chicago River. Eventually 62 kayakers, including children, were rescued from the water. Luckily, there were no serious injuries.
Two local kayak tour companies were issued citations for violating restrictions on operating during hazardous conditions.

July 3 Addendum: On the other hand....At least one Chicago kayaking company is suggesting that the incident above, while serious, has been totally overblown by the media, and that Chicago's emergency services may have over-reacted and cited the kayaking companies because they needed someone to blame for having mobilized so many resources. Here's another view of the incident (three views, actually -- here, here, and here) via CASKA.

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  1. It's worth observing that the police and firefighter spokesmen on that video weren't wearing wet clothing or water gear. I'm inclined to believe the reports from the kayaking companies that they shepherded their clients to docks themselves. The one company's reports of ineffective police assistance suggests that the Oak Bay Sea Rescue people should be teaching seminars across the continent, to help emergency workers know how to do rescues on the water and at shore.