Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gearing Up at Ocean River


Louise and I headed down for the yearly ritual of the Ocean River Gear Up Sale. We weren't looking for anything particular to buy this year, so we just browsed and visited with fellow paddlers. But Louise did buy a hat.

Actually, we did a bit more shopping than just Louise's new hat. We were looking for paddling jackets as our old jackets are wearing out. We didn't settle on anything but checked out a few good prospects. I stocked up on Icebreaker and we bought a pair of Tajo kayak wall-mounts by Swagman. Maybe hanging these will be the motivation to clean up our basement. No doubt it will make an interesting blog post. Oh, the things we do for the blog.
We also bumped into Robyn and Mark as they manned the SISKA table. Mark was hoping to get a new Werner paddle today, and I offered my tips on how to score a paddle at the Gear Up sale.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate a little better soon and can get on the water more. Enough with the 80 kmh wind storms already!

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