Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Camera I: Glass and Light

So what were you doing before breakfast this morning? I was downtown taking pictures of a building. I'd noticed the funny reflection on its side while riding the bus earlier in the week, and decided to forgo sleeping in and drag my gear down to get some shots.


The sun is rising behind the building to camera left and the reflection took about half an hour to dance across the building's face. Behind me and to my right are more glass-faced office buildings, one of which was tossing this reflection onto the back side of this building. I never determined exactly where the reflection was coming from, but it didn't matter -- it was fascinating to watch the gold light twist and turn across the façade.
This was may favourite moment as the reflection resembled some sort of hieroglyphics or strange alien script, like an ad for Slurm.
But the next time I get up this early in the morning, I'm going kayaking. Who knows... maybe tomorrow...? (Foreshadowing -- your clue to quality blogging.)


  1. OK..... I could get up early to experience that!! Great photograph John!

  2. Oooooo... elusive fire illusion!