Thursday, November 10, 2011

Local Kayaker Wins!

Congratulations to local kayaker Mike Jackson, who returned from the Greenland Week Kayak Festival in Washingon state's Lake Sammammish State Park with not one, but TWO official award ribbons!
This wasn't just some morning paddle with a couple of buddies. At this festival, there were demonstrations and workshops instructed by two of the most celebrated Greenland-style paddlers in the world. If you don't know who Maligiaq Padilla or Dubside is, well friend, you don't paddle stick. Helen Wilson and Jeanette Rogers instructed as well. Check out Helen's post about the Festival at her terrific website.
Check out the official results at Kayak Academy's website. Mike competed and took third in the "Harpoon Throwing From Kayak for Distance" Category and also third for rolling! That put him solidly in third place for "Overall Combined Kayak Champion." Way to go, Mike!
He also took first place in the demonstration event for accuracy throwing a harpoon... wonder where he got all the practise...
Check out Mike Jackson's blog for his own notes on the event. You'll need to scroll down a little to his post for Oct29-30. Since then, the man's already been to -- get this! -- Surge Narrows. And posted a note on his website about the trip. Wow.


  1. Two other local paddlers were involved too! Roy Scully took second place in the race event and his son Chris took first. Number one in rolling was Al Dunham from Campbell River.

  2. Sounds like Vancouver Island was well-represented at the Greenland Week Kayak Festival. Glad to hear you all did so well!