Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ocean River Gear Grab

A foggy day dawned-- wait a minute, does a foggy day actually dawn? Or does it just slowly emerge from the darkness of the night? In any event, it was foggy this morning as Louise and I headed down to Ocean River Sports for their annual fall sale. We were a little late, so we had to go to the back of a very long line....
....although it seemed like some people would wear almost any disguise to sneak in.

We checked out the boats....
...and Louise checked out a couple of them very closely.

We got away lightly this time. Louise didn't buy anything, and I replaced my long-serving Kokatat PFD with the latest model. And we saw something that you don't see everyday:
He was either plugging Icebreaker , or one of the start of semester parties got a little out of hand last night.


  1. Hey! In the picture of Delta's on the rack my wife (Robyn) and I (Mark) are there! Cool. I did't take any pictures at the Gear Grab so it was neat to see this one. We have decided to purchase a couple of 15.5 Expeditions after trying the Sport version a couple weeks ago.

  2. Sorry.. that is the Current Designs rack picture

  3. Hi, Mark and Robyn! Let us know how your Deltas work out for you. Cheers!

  4. Hi John, we are in the process of purchasing the Delta's through OR. What is the length / version of your Delta's? Hope to meet you both one day.


  5. Hi Mark
    We started in Delta 14.5's which we just loved, but after a couple of years we wanted something a little bigger so we traded them in at OR. Louise got a 17 Sport and I got an 18.5 Expedition, which we also love, although with Louise sometimes it's a love/hate thing and sometimes she wishes she'd got the 16 instead. :)
    We're looking for new paddling partners -- all ours seem to move away. :) Might be fun to get together and swap Delta stories.