Monday, March 14, 2011

Park Planning

Well, it looks like one of the local municipal governments, Saanich, has been glad to get public feedback about their plans for some local parks. There was an article in the Saanich News lately that says more Open Houses are planned for this April.

These public hearings are an opportunity for people to learn what long-term strategies are being proposed for the future – not just next year in one park, but over the next ten, twenty or more years. The master plan for the entire Parks and Recreation department is being developed, so go to the Saanich website and read about it. The results of a survey will be discussed as well at the Open Houses.

Hearings and surveys like these are excellent opportunities for kayakers and other small boat users to thank the Parks and Recreation workers for their dedicated maintenance of the parks and facilities at many of the places where we launch our boats. I can't count how many times my friends and I have used the public restrooms at Gyro Park (right next to the parking lot and near our launch spot). At least once a year the Saanich workers bring a tractor down to the boat ramp to haul aside the big driftwood logs tossed in our way by winter storms. We move the little chunks of driftwood, and the UVic Sailing Association gets some of their husky guys to move a few of the logs, but it takes a tractor to move the big, heavy logs.

Going to an Open House is also a good chance to let the planners know how we use these parks and beaches -- for instance, the proposed changes for Gyro Park now include a path to the beach to be used by small boat users or by emergency vehicles. That path was not on the first proposal, but was added in a revision after input from people in surveys and at the Open House in the Cadboro Bay neighbourhood.

All the Open Houses take place from 5:00 to 8:00 pm at Saanich Recreation Centres. Pop in for a few minutes to see the proposed plan and fill out a survey!
Pearkes Centre April 4
Gordon Head Centre April 5
Cedar Hill Centre April 6
Commonwealth Place April 7
For more information, contact consultant Bob Yates at 250-598-3525.

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