Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ocean River Gear Grab 2011

It's the first sure sign of a new Spring, or the last sign of an old Winter -- the annual Ocean River Gear Grab sale.
Louise and I headed down to see just what we could spend our money on. She found a new kayaking top, while I stocked up on some Icebreaker underwear.
We bumped into Mark from Delta Kayaks...
...who, after years of us asking, cajoling, and just plain whining finally came through with a pair of Delta Kayak hats!
After all the free publicity we've given them on this blog, it's the least they could do! :) Thanks, Mark!
Speaking of free publicity, we noticed a picture of Delta's new boat...
And we bumped into Richard on his annual wardrobe shopping expedition.
See you next spring!

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