Monday, November 01, 2010

Seasons Change

Autumn is a time of year when things change around here. There are a lot more windstorms in October and November than in the late summer and early fall. The wind tends to pick up earlier in the day, too. Add in the chill, and it's understandable that there will be several days where sea kayaking just doesn't happen around here!
But it's still on my mind. If I do a little surfing on the internet, up pops an article in the current issue of SeaKayaker magazine. When I pull on a ball cap, there's a kayaker embroidered on the front. And out at Beaver Lake, there's a nice sheltered lake to paddle and a kettle in the Nature House where I can make hot chocolate. (mmm... hot chocolate...)
And I do get out on the ocean, too. There was a sunny break in the middle of Hallowe'en day, so I got out in the inflatable. There was a visible weather front approaching, so I didn't stay long. But no complaints about weather, since the trick-or-treaters had dry weather until about 8pm when a howling storm blew in.
This week, I'll keep an eye on the sky and get out when I can. Sunday is Tree-Planting Day from 10:00am to 1:00pm in two Saanich municipal parks, at Mount Douglas Park and Cuthbert Holmes Park. That's a good reason not to be on the water. And there'll be hot chocolate after, when I get back to the Beach House.

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