Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That's One Way To Carry Your Kayaks....

So you're up in the Arctic examining glaciers and ice-shelves for signs of climate change, and you need to move your kayaks from the mother ship to the ice shelf 50 kilometers away. Good thing you've got a helicopter!
Check out this interesting video below:


  1. Very cool vid, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. interesting they chose whitewater kayaks?


  3. Oh wow!
    Of course they chose river kayaks -- look at the little channels of water they're running down along those cracks. A short rec boat is easier to steer, turn sideways or all the way around in a narrow stream, or paddle backwards. It's also stable when he has to lay across it or clamber in and out.
    Did you see that "storm drain" where the stream drained down into the depths of the glacier? I'd want to be in a 9 or 10 foot river boat in that water, not a 17 foot slim sea kayak.
    This was fascinating!

  4. Another reason might be simply packing space. Smaller and lighter.