Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Kind of Day We Live For

Yesterday was the kind of day we live for.
We had spring in winter, then winter for the first part of spring. But now it looks like summer might finally be approaching as we had a paddling day under clear warm skies for the first time since I don't know when.
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 069

Before we began, Louise and Paula compared toe-nail colours. Louise was in teal and Paula in silver. My toe-nails were going commando.
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 039

Tracy joined us as well (she declined to mention what colour her toe-nails were), and the four of us put in at Cadboro Bay for a paddle out to Chatham and Discovery Islands. We were facing a mild flood tide that wasn't really going to amount to anything, a perfect day to explore this small off shore island group.
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 005

At Chatham, we noodled around and explored. We thought we saw Richard paddling ahead of us. He was supposed to join us for today's paddle, but by the time we were ready to launch there was no sign of him. (Were his toe-nails still wet? If that was the case, they must have dried eventually because he did make it out after us.)
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 009
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 012 copy
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 017 copy

Whoever it was, we never caught up to him.
We paddled between Chatham and Discovery, then decided to do what we call the Grand Tour and cross over to the Chain Islands.
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 536
Here, we saw a few seals. We gave them a wide clearance as it's seal birthing season.
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 023 copy
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 052

From there we returned to Cadboro Bay for a happy landing...
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 038
...and a big cup of coffee.
2010-05-08 Discovery Island 059

Trip length: 12.73 km
YTD: 61.46
More pictures are here.
The Google Earth kmz is here.
2010-05-08 Discovery Island


  1. looks like a beautiful day of paddling, and a heck of a cup of coffee!

  2. It was a fabulous day! Our boats just flew.

  3. Greetings from Newport Oregon! We had a fabulous day on Sunday too, good to see you made good use of it. I have done some kayaking off of Orcas Island many years ago, I am jealous to see these pics of your great day! Your toes look great too! Love and best wishes from your newest fan, "Mrs. Slug"