Monday, May 24, 2010

Green. Not Necessarily With Envy.

Look, if you don't like pictures of fuzzy little baby geese, you might as well stop now. If your cuteness absorption system is over saturated, just turn off the computer and walk away.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

On this fine and lovely Victoria Day, Louise, Paula and I put in for a jaunt around Telegraph Bay. Although skies looking somewhat threatening to the east, the weather forecasters were assuring all that there would be no rain to spoil the parade (when you live in a city called Victoria, there has to be a parade on Victoria Day), and weather that's good enough for parade watchers is good enough for kayakers as well.
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 036

We checked out the geese on the beach as we loaded up...
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 044 copy
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 038
...and headed out.
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 002

Almost immediately, Louise began to complain about the seat in her Delta. She'd wanted to make some adjustments to it before we launched but had forgotten, and she was having trouble making any adjustments now that we were underway. But she gamely pressed on.
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 009

We were being pushed along by a flood tide and a slight breeze, nothing crazy or severe but we were noticing that the water was getting a little squirrelly here, as if it didn't know which way to go. We have encountered odd wave action along this shore before. We surmise that as the current comes around Ten Mile Point behind us on a flood, it must bounce off the rocks and reflect back on itself somehow, just enough to sometimes not feel quite right.
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 015
Just ahead of me, Louise and Paula were heading for a small beach nestled in a rocky cove. I thought that Louise had finally had enough of her misbehaving seat and was going to put in and make some quick repairs or adjustments, but as I beached beside her I saw that see was a slight shade of jade, while Paula was positively emerald.
Louise said she was more or less okay, but Paula was not doing as well. And so while Louise and I futzed with her seat, Paula quietly excused herself and yakked into the surf. (We don't call the blog Kayak Yak for nothing, folks.)
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 020
After a few moments for recovery, we tried to figure out what was going on. Paula's inner ear had gone wonky (a chronic condition) in the oddly churning water. Louise had also felt unsure in the conditions, and said she'd been shaking by the time she hit the beach. To be sure, it was confused water, but it certainly wasn't very rough. We've paddled rougher water in this very spot. But somehow the conditions, a seemingly innocuous following tide with a slight swell and a breeze, were just right to hit the sweet spot in Paula's and Louise's nausea controls. (Or the un-sweet spot, I guess.) "Chittering," was the word Paula used to describe it, "the water was chittering about, just sort of vibrating and not sure where it wanted to go."
We carefully headed out, and the water seemed a little calmer as we made the return trip.
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 023

But as we returned to slowly to the beach we had launched from...
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 029
...came the part you were warned about: baby geese!
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 057 copy
Three families of geese were all over our exit point, so we happily drifted for a few minutes, cameras snapping away.
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 092 copy
Finally, the geese started giving us the evil eye. That means it's time to go!
2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 095

2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay

Trip Length: 6.75 km
YTD: 79.86 km
More pictures are here.
The Google Earth kmz is here.

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2010-05-24 Telegraph Bay 088

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  1. Poor mom and Louise! :( At least she had time to get out of the kayak.

    The geese were adorable, but I particularly liked the first good shot, the close up.

    Hope your next trip is less ... green?